Stone Town

Stone Town

Stone Town is a great place to start off your dives as there are various reefs close by and can be used as a refresher if you have not dived for a while. The dives in the area are relatively cheap and some of the wrecks provide some spectacular sights. Below is a summary of what you can see.

Pegasus Wreck

Max Depth: 40m      
This is a 50m long wreck though to be the remains of the Pegasus which was sunk in 1916 by the German gunship Koenigsberg. It is for experienced divers only and you will be able to see tuna, trevally, barracuda, jack fish, lionfish and giant stingrays.

Boribu Reef

Max Depth: 30m
This is a great reef with impressive coral formations including spectacular columna corals, honeycombs, Georgian Fans and massive barrel sponges. Some larger pelagic include barracuda, jacks, tuna, moray eels and large lobsters. It is about 45 minutes out of Stone Town so is quite a trek, but is well worth it.

Bawe Island

Max Depth: 18m
The reef is located about 20 minutes outside Stone Town and you will find beautiful corals like Acropora, Staghorn, brain coral and a large variety of reef fish. On occasion you may see moray, octopus and pufferfish.

Great Northern Wreck

Max Depth: 16m
This is the remains of an old cable layer which sunk in 1900. The wreck has plenty leaf fish, eels and a huge variety of coral. Visibility in the area is excellent.

Murogo Reef

Max Depth: 24m
This is home to many turtles and has a sloping reef wall with a large variety of coral and fish.

Pange Reef

Max Depth: 14m
This reef is ideal for Open Water Dive courses as it is calm and shallow. An enormous array of coral and tropical reef fish can be found, such as Clown Fish, Parrot Fish, Moorish Idol and many others. Many people do night dives on the reef where you can see cuttlefish, squid, crab and many other night dwellers.

Unidentified Barge

Max Depth: 40m
This is definitely only for experienced deep divers. The wreck attracts huge amounts of Big Bluefin, Trevally, Barracuda, Sting Rays, Cobia, Jew Fish, Morays and lots more. Only 4 people are allowed to go out at a time to the reef and costs a little extra.

Nyange Reef

Max Depth: 26m
This is the largest reef on the west coast and has several unique dive sites. A new series of coral has been identified on this reef which marine biologists believe is endemic to Nyange.

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